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Choosing Your Next New Home When You’re 55+

Choosing Your Next New Home When You’re 55+

Choosing your next home when you are 55+

Tell-tale signs begin to surface…mobility issues, property maintenance issues, health issues…and suddenly you realize it’s time to look into retirement living. Like all major life decisions, you will experience angst, ambivalence, a certain amount of depression, and a whole lot of confusion as you navigate this uncharted territory. We are here to help you through this transition, to reassure you that the best still lies ahead.


Choosing an active adult community for your next home offers you an excellent transition between the rigors of maintaining the home you once enjoyed and the confinement of a nursing home. Bridging this gap offers you or your loved one many more years of pleasurable living. This is not a sad ending, but a joyful beginning of your next glorious adventure.


What is a 55+ Community?

Active 55+ communities are age-qualified communities designed for those 55 years or older who want to enjoy their retirement years free of the rigors of mowing, weeding, shoveling snow, and maintaining their homes. North Ridge Cottages offers independence, privacy, and community while still providing a neighborhood of support and friendship.


An adult community is perfect for healthy seniors who enjoy their freedom and don’t require assistance. It is far more affordable than a residential care facility and the transition for many is seamless. In Retiring Right you are encouraged to discover the pros and cons of the various choices before you. 


There is a sweet spot for living as one has for many years and a sweet spot for making that transition to a new way of life. If you have been hanging onto the past, life is no doubt getting more difficult. The danger in hanging on too long is finally facing the need to finally move into residential care. Seniors may enjoy many years of independent living when they make a more timely transition into an active adult community.  


Stephanie Caldow in Psychology Today listed several characteristics to look for in choosing an active 55+ community. Incumbent in the decision-making process is the willingness to do your research. Visit the community. Meet some of the members as you take a walk through the neighborhood. Ask pertinent questions. You are looking for a place that feels like home, a place with warmth, and a sense of community. Visit the site at different times of day, to assess sunlight and community traffic.

55+ Communities
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