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Patio Home Living

Patio Home Living

Why is Patio Living Such the Rage?

America’s self-portrait of retirement has evolved into a more gracious setting. Instead of nursing homes, we are enjoying a new reality in aging. As in many other defining moments of their lives, today’s baby boomers are reinventing retirement living, and it’s certainly living up to its hype.

Patio living offers all the privacy of home ownership with all the perks of shared community. Your new patio home will be part of a cluster of other retiree homes, and it’s like having a neighborhood available when you want one, with all the privacy of single home ownership when you want to be alone.

Today’s retirees are shopping for flexibility and perks in retirement living, and patio homes do not disappoint. When you share a wall or communal space with others, you enjoy the option of making new friends and rich fellowship. Growing up visiting over the backyard fence continues, and it defines the friendliness of our communities. We represent that shift in outlook and are representative of the patio homes and villas being built across the nation. Retirees are flocking to these new concepts and we invite you to be a part of this growing movement.

Patio homes are smaller and more economical than maintaining the large homes of the past. They offer many ways to live well on less, including things like using public transportation, accessing non-profit services and streamlining income with anticipated expenses. By not having to replace appliances or repair furnaces, some of those big ticket items can be pocketed for a rainy day. That’s money in the bank!

Amenities, privacy and opportunities for fellowship are top priorities of today’s retirees. Savvy and discerning, they have done their homework, and the demand for alternative forms of housing demonstrates this shift in the market. The benefits of these social designs include better physical and mental health. Socially active retirees enjoy lower blood pressure, less heart disease and less depression. 

They also have a lot more fun! Making friends of other active retirees on your own schedule is a huge benefit of patio living. Instead of living in the close proximity of others within a condo or facility with private apartments, patio living offers privacy with a hint of openness. Smaller homes with exterior maintenance offers the best of all worlds.

Owners love maintaining their privacy with the option of developing friendships, and rate this as the #1 benefit of patio home living. Come visit North Ridge Cottages and envision your next home!

55+ Communities
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